Manufacturing Technician cabuyao laguna

Wednesday, 11 July, 2018  16:26


Manufacturing Technician cabuyao laguna - SALARY RANGE: | Php 12000-15000 | | Key Responsibilities | • Maintains safety standards and follow safety rules for all aspect of the job | • Knows Manufacturing Zone Lock and Try procedures and areas covered by each. Knows isolation procedures for all confined spaces in the Manufacturing Zone. | • Attend Monthly Safety Training | • Report all incident/accident and participate on investigation | • Able to maintain all aspects of housekeeping on Manufacturing Zone. | • Able to identify issues using green sheet and pulp test results. Understand relationship between wet density and LECO (%cellulose) | • Understand and knows all terminologies and specifications associated with product quality covered roller hand operations. | • Able to visually identify and monitor all sheet machine related quality issues and makes timely and accurate proper correction on it. | • Communicate quality and operational issues effectively with team members and team leader. | • Able to use tape measure and micrometer (thickness gauge) | • Complete all paperwork in accurate and timely manner. | • Cooperate, work and communicates effectively with coworkers, supervisors, support groups. | • Render support to other teams if necessary. | • Can be relied upon regarding task completion in timely and accurate manner. | | ********************************** | | CONTACT US: | Mr. Mick Ilagan | HR sourcing associate | Dempsey Resource Management Inc. | 3523115/ 09152813887 | [email protected] | [email protected]


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